Woytouba Digital Patners with Blacksnipe Records



Today, October 6, 2015, the
International Record company of
Blacksnipe Entertainment Company,
Blacksnipe Record has signed
contract with Nigeria/ Germany
based company, Woytouba Digital for music distribution in Nigeria,
Africa and across the globe. The deal
is dubbed ‘the first of many planned
elements that will further nurture
the Blacksnipe Record label, brand
and artists in Africa in 2015 and beyond’.

Cyril Ogwu, General Manager of
Blacksnipe Records said: “For the past
6years of Blacksnipe Records, we
have seen our label becoming
a constant presence on the charts all
over Africa. We approach this step in the most important market in the
world knowing how challenging it
will be to be as successful as we are
in Africa. In a market where some of
the best companies operate, we feel
strong with having met a partner like Woytouba Digital to share this
ambition with.”

Sunny Slim Idiah, owner of I Won Popular and Popular Mp3 Content Manager, Woytouba Digital Distribution said: “We feel very
fortunate to be able to add
Blacksnipe Records to our strong list
of labels and artists. It will be
exciting to be a part of their
continued success as they take these next steps to expand their footprint
in the Africa marketplace.”
Blacksnipe Records offers artists a
network of owned
affiliates and long-term international
partners. Internationally, Blacksnipe’s roster of Artists include, DR.GREAT, KOSY and many others. Woytouba Digital Company is one of the largest
independent music and video
distributor in Nigeria and holds the
highest market share of any
independent. The company boasts a
roster of clients ranging from leading independent labels to major Star
Artists. In addition to
offering traditional wholesale and
managed inventory services to some
of Nigeria’s largest retailers, the
company’s digital team operates its own in- house digital suite. The first
release under the new deal will be
‘AnDenWat by KOSY’ which is
already on Blacksnipe Records official
website, www.blacksnipe.org and to be distributed globally via

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