V Scripts Captures The Spirit Of A Revolution On “Malcolm Luther X”

The protests that erupted across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s murder haven’t died down. As Lebron James mentioned, Black Lives Matter isn’t a movement — it’s a lifestyle. Artists like Tee Grizzley and Lil Baby have released socially-charged records reflecting the current state of America, though they aren’t the only ones. Los Angeles-based rapper V Scripts came through with a new record that speaks to the protests. “Malcolm Luther X” is a tribute to the countless amount of Black Americans who’ve lost their lives at the hands of the police. Scripts delivers moments of grief throughout the track before providing a sense of hope and resilience to everyone on the frontlines of the protest.

Invoking the spirit legendary political activists, from Huey P. Newton to Marcus Garvey, V Scripts delivers an anthem to soundtrack the fight for equality and justice.

Quotable Lyrics
I’m Huey and X
Coming for your neck
And I say this will all disrespect
Don’t forget I’ma smash, fight, battle
Through the gas, fire, gravel
Because no lives matter
Until black lives matter, ya heard

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