TOBi – City Blues ft. The Game

Tobi – City Blues Ft. The Game
Tobi – City Blues Ft. The Game

Toronto’s TOBi has been steadily rising through the ranks, making a few friends in high places. Recently, the singer joined Mozzy and Osbe Chill on The Game’s Born 2 Rap track “Carmen Electra.” Now, Game has come through to return the favor on a remix of “City Blues.” Not that TOBi needed the assistance; off the bat, he sings his brand of Manchester City Blues with a wonderful display of range, his falsetto gliding over the piano. Over a smoky jazz-club arrangement, driven by a slick bassline and faint traces of a wailing sax, TOBi reflects on themes of misogyny and toxic relationships.

While his verse remains the same as in the original version. The Game’s presence makes for a crucial distinction. “You want to know why I’m happy I’m still alive, na,” begins The Game. “Bout four five times I should have died, na.” He proceeds to paint pictures, vivid in his depictions of Los Angeles chaos. A chaos to which one quickly becomes desensitized. “A dead body, that’s’ something to see,” he muses. “How’d I end up by myself after travelling the world a hundred deep? I watched Bobby get shot in his face, I saw Lil Kurt intestines fall straight out his waist.”

Although they are a lot more about this song that we would really love to talk about, but due to the fact that we know how urgent a listen is important at this point, but we’ll let you take a listen and do the talking yourself.

You can download “City Blues” below and check out the website’s homepage for other similar tracks, but don’t forget to share your thoughts because it’s very important to us.


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