Patoranking Blows Hot In New Interview!!!

ancehall king and rave of the moment who
is actually not up to two years in the music
industry has said it all in this new interview
with Saturday Beats. According to
Patoranking, ladies inspired him to start
singing reggae songs. He was forced to listen to most of them in his secondary school days
so that girls could trip for him. Pato also says
Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay like people think,
do not twerk for him, but they only try to
perfect their acts on stage like it is done in the
western world. He also said the young boy a lot of people have said is his, is actually his
mother’s last child and he adores him. Then finally he said what will make girls seat
up. Pato is single with no girlfriend! And erm
this might break your heart; he says instead
of laying with girls when he feels horny, he
rather gets a soap and hit the bathroom to do
the needful- you know now, self servicing! Oh dear, don’t you just love his openness? Lol.
And hmm, I never knew all these Lagos girls
who attend every show are not even
fascinating, so none of you can trap
Patoranking down? Oga ho, so until
Patoranking too will go to another African country like Davido and Ice Prince to get a
girlfriend before you know whats up? Keep
disappointing us ho, just keep it up. Lol. Oya
read the interesting interview after the cut. “One of the reasons I chose reggae even
though it might sound funny is because of the
girls. I remember back then in secondary
school, if you did not know how to mime
songs, you could not get the girls and I like
standing out. I thought it would be wise for me to mime the songs that my colleagues
won’t know. I listened to more reggae songs.
Whenever I did that, the girls were always
impressed. I listened to a lot of Bob Marley
and Lucky Dube’s songs. On Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay twerking for
him on stage, Pato says; “It is not that the female singers just twerk
for me, it is a performance and we make sure
we give people what they want. Most people
think they twerk for me and I get aroused or
‘catch feelings’ but I don’t even respond to
stimuli at all. We are just trying to make it look like what they do abroad. You see the likes of
Beyonce twerking for Kanye. It is just a stage
performance”. About marriage; “If I tell you that I want to marry right now,
would you not lie me down and beat me? I
am single and ready to mingle. Right now, I
am just concerned about my career and
family. Marriage is not in the question for me.
I don’t have a girlfriend. I am not a promiscuous fellow and if I ever need to
blow off steam, I would rather make use of
soap in the bathroom than be with random
girls,” he said jokingly. About his assumed love child; “I don’t have a son; the boy people think is
my son is the last born of my mother. He is
my brother and he would be ten this year. His
name is Rafa. He is my baby brother”.

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