NHS REVIEW: Ycee & Bella – “Late Night Vibrations” (EP)


Ycee & Bella – Late Night Vibration (Review)

Apart from the fact that Tinny Entertainment has been able to thrill the world with some of the biggest songs since the emergence of its hit maker “Ycee“, we have also kept a close watch on the Tinny Entertainment empire since the signing of “Bella” and “Dapo Tuburna” to see what the new signings could give to the industry and most importantly, the lovers of good music.


We started following Bella’s music career from the days of her single “Alhaji Money” which was produced by Syn X, and although she wasn’t having the attention she is getting now that she is with Tinny Entertainment, the song was well received by most of the listeners.

The new project by Ycee and Bella tells a lot about the future of the empire. As it is titled “Late Night Vibrations“, there’s no doubt that Ycee and Bella have really burnt the late night candles in order to pull out a magical EP (Extended Play).

“Late Night Vibrations” is a million dollars project to me, it’s ability to sell in the world market due to its quality is one of the reasons why this EP appears totally unique to me.
Ycee Bella
“Late Night Vibrations” speaks a lot for most importantly the empire’s queen, “Bella”. To many, this project is all about Ycee and Bella, but I think it’s all about Bella and also a platform to properly present “Syn X”, “BeatsByKarma” and “Quebeat” to the big industry as they played big roles in making sure the project was a quality and successful one.

Strategically, Ycee is serving as the wheel to Bella’s chance of joining the competitive industry. Which to me is already a successful strategy (If she can remain consistent).

From the delivery of Ycee’s “First Wave (EP)“, we really couldn’t help but anticipate more from the Tinny Entertainment man. Seeing him on a joint project with Bella is just irresistible.

Apart from the industry being a competitive one, the fans are also very frustrating. Taking the crown from someone’s head might be simple but keeping it needs a whole lot of hard work and it takes the grace of God to do so.

To the fans and listeners, it doesn’t matter how long you have delivered good music but when you slack a bit. We hope after making such a wonderful project, Bella will still have those things in mind as she pushes further to attaining an industry standard fan base.

Although this is just a joint project, it is telling us all to stay woke, pay more attention as we all look forward to seeing her doing her own big solo works.

Rating: 4/5



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