News: Kano’s ‘Kundila Flyover Bridge’ Is Jonathan’s Project

Last Saturday, President Goodluck Jonathan
inaugurated the Kundila flyover bridge in
Kano on the ever busy Zaria road. The flyover
which was constructed by the Federal
Government was named after the late Emir of
Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero. The inauguration of the flyover sparked
intense conversations as some saw the
inauguration as a show of some the President’s
several silent achievements in Kano while other
viewed it as a purely political move designed
to win the hearts of electorates in the metropolis who are loyalists of the late Emir. The Kundila flyover is seen by a section of
residents in Kano as an achievement of the
incumbent Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso
from the comments we gathered. One of the
commenters, Danladi Abubakar Kankara said
“this is not GEJ’s work, it belongs to Kano government”, corroborating the false claim
was another commenter Ibrahim Bello who
said: “Kwankwaso build bridges Gej
inaugurates them.” The commenters also said
that the APC has been showing off the projects
as Kwankwaso’s. Another commenter Haruna Gama, was
enthusiastic as he witnessed the event of the
flyover inauguration performed by President
Jonathan, “I was at the venue and the people
of Kano are very much happy with naming the
bridge after Late Emir of Kano. For this kanawa assured Mr. President that we will all go for you
this coming Saturday.” he said. The Kundila roundabout is at the crossing of
Zaria road with Hospital and Maiduguri roads.
The bridge is strategically located at the
intersection of two Trans- Saharan Highways,
namely; Ndjamena- Dakar and Lagos- Algiers.
The scope of work comprises the construction of 120m long reinforced concrete (8 No spans
of 15m each) dual carriage flyover bridge over
Zaria road at Kundila roundabout. It also
involves construction of 200m and 165m
lenght of ramps with reinforced concrete
cantilever walls on both Zaria and Kano approaches respectively. The project was commissioned by the
President Jonathan administration in 2011 as
part of his transformation in the area of
Infrastructure, providing the necessary boost
for commerce in one of Nigeria’s largest
commercial centers. “This is part of my administration’s
commitment toward making life easy for the
people in the country.” President Jonathan

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