NBA Imposes 10-Day Quarantine On Lou Williams After Strip Club Visit

Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams is in a 10-day, NBA mandated quarantine after he was photographed at Magic City, a strip club in Atlanta. 

Lou Williams, Quarantine, Strip ClubMaddie Meyer / Getty Images

“Clippers’ Lou Williams will have 10-day quarantine on Orlando campus after picking up food at Magic City on excused absence — sidelining him through first two seeding games,” Shams Charania, NBA insider for The Athletic, wrote on Twitter, Sunday.

Williams’ absence was excused by the league on the belief that it was for family matters only, after his grandfather died; however, Williams was photographed by rapper Jack Harlow at the Atlanta strip club, in a post uploaded to social media. Originally, Williams and Harlow claimed that the photo was old, but then admitted the guard came by to pick up food: “Ask any of my teammates what’s my favorite restaurant in Atlanta is. Ain’t nobody partying. Chill out lol,” Williams wrote on Twitter.

“I can’t share much with his journey. I wasn’t on that journey with him,” Clippers head coach Doc Rivers said before the team’s’ scrimmage Saturday. “But he’s back here, I can tell you that much. You know, obviously those pictures got out, and that’s something that we obviously didn’t enjoy seeing or like.”

Williams will miss the Clippers’ first two games.


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