‘I Am Not An Upcoming Artiste’ – Korede Bello

Mavin’s last born,Korede Bellohas expressed his
utter dissatisfaction with the labeling ‘upcoming
artiste’. Bello who is not new to the industry had
been doing the toil till it paid off last year when
he got activated to theSupreme Mavin Dynastyby
the leader of their pack, Don Jazzy. Since then, he has experienced a significant growth having
featured on songs likeDorobucciandAdaobias
well as releasing his singlesAfrican Princess, Cold
OutsideandGod-Winespecially that stirred a
frenzy on the airwaves.
Bello was recently with a rep ofThe Nation, and he had this to say.
“When somebody goes to school and is in
primary one, will you call the person upcoming
student? Or when you just get a job in the bank
will you be called an upcoming banker? But for
me I will say people are entitled to whatever title they choose to give artistes, but it depends on
the artiste; ‘how you see yourself.’ I see myself as
a musician, I see myself as a mega super star and
that is all that matters. I will advise artistes not to
go along with that upcoming title because you
might just remain upcoming forever. So you had better see yourself as a musician and a servant to
humanity. Is there upcoming pastor? If there is
none, why upcoming artiste?”
I’m of the opinion that he’s made his point but he
most of all, should understand the context being
referred to when it is used.

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