Cal Scruby Shines On “While You Were Sleeping”

Last year, Los Angeles based emcee Cal Scruby turned heads with his Unsigned project, impressing new fans with his slick flow and clever pen game. And while he remains relatively under-the-radar, his brand new album While You Were Sleeping should go a long way in raising his stock something nice. There’s plenty to enjoy on the lengthy seventeen track effort, with Scruby managing to keep the bars sharp without losing sight of the vibes. 

Production-wise, Corbett provides the bulk of the soundscapes, providing Scruby with a batch of moody and atmospheric bangers. “Donnie Darko” finds him reflecting on a potential career choice, claiming that he could “probably get a deal with Cole” if it weren’t for his dope boy history. The spooky “1000 Ways To Die” finds him deftly navigating an uptempo harp-driven banger with controlled patience. And while there are plenty of bangers to choose from, Scruby does switch up the style on tracks like “Nostalgia” and the melodic “Chess Not Checkers.” 

Be sure to check out While You Were Sleeping now, and sound off — is Cal Scruby on your radar? And if so, do you think it’s a matter of time before he’s blowing up?

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